We can give you a fresh pair of eyes for an external view of your company, your communication strategy and your needs. To help you understand your changing environment and its issues, we rely on our own market expertise and our technical knowledge of your business. Based on the legitimacy this gives us, we can venture off the beaten path and suggest ideas that are original, offbeat, even iconoclastic. But always pragmatic. Our creativity is our hallmark. We recommend that you make it your strength.


Visual identity

A delicate subject if ever there was one, the visual reflection of who you are and what distinguishes your company is expressed through your logo, organised in your visual identity and distributed in a huge number of ways depending on your projects. Even if you're happy with what you have, an audit could give you our interpretation of the substance at the heart of your business. The underlying concept conveyed by your image has to evolve in order to reflect your activity as accurately as possible. Your business is no longer the same today as it was five or ten years ago. Territory, strategy, market, teams or just your own ambitions – everything moves on, everything changes, everything adapts. Give us the keys to your identities for just a few moments and, if you like, we can make changes you won't even notice. Unless you prefer a whole new start … Because experience has taught us that identify is a close reflection of temperament.


Publishing, Advertising

The more print asserts itself as the perfect complement to digital, the better it resists and will resist its onslaught. To help you express your communication strategy to your external and internal targets and your network, we can design and produce magazines, newsletters, leaflets, press announcements, advertisement features, product brochures, posters, flyers, annual reports and sustainable development reports … guided by your needs and respecting your visual identity. In addition, to measure the effectiveness of your investment, we can carry out the appropriate readership studies in partnership with specialist service providers.


Multimedia, web

When mastered, this universe opens the way to an infinite richness of development possibilities. Companies should seize these opportunities. Going beyond a simple portal or basic shop window site, we can provide a whole range of modular services that exist independently but can also come together to constitute a comprehensive multimedia package covering all your communication, deployment and process optimisation needs: design, creation and production of digital newsletters for the general public or for internal users, extranets, animated films … Not to mention web applications designed as everyday work tools.


Display materials

Visual communication, essential for any event to succeed, must be simple, clear and immediately comprehensible by everyone. Whether you are preparing a space for a product demonstration or an institutional event, we can take care of designing and producing all the display materials, complying fully with your visual identity. Banners, streamers, vertical signs, display panels, POS advertising, stickers, placards … we enhance your communication and strengthen its impact in the eyes of your target.